A Vision for Omaha

Omaha is a truly exceptional city, and one I’m proud to call my home.

Given the opportunity to settle anywhere in the United States, my wife and I chose to start our family here. Now, we must ensure Omaha remains a city where all of our children will want to attend school, pursue careers, build businesses, and start families of their own. The best way to guarantee a secure future for all of our children is to practice long-term financial responsibility, empower businesses, enhance public services, improve transportation, and fight hard so that every resident has equity in the future of our city.

Despite our current trials, my faith in the city of Omaha and its people is unwavering. Together you and I can achieve a vision for Omaha that represents what is best about the Midwest and provides our children the future they deserve at home. This vision will be built on our shared values, city-sized ambitions, and a commitment to serving all of Omaha.


Empowering Business


Omaha leadership must develop more prosperous relationships with business partners of all sizes to retain our city’s largest companies and grow small businesses.

  • Support infrastructure and incentives for the development of local companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Partner with community leaders to support new business and revitalization efforts.
  • Meet regularly with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 leaders in Omaha to support mass job creation.
  • Actively seek and aggressively recruit new business partners for the city.

Practicing Financial Responsibility


A financially responsible budget, including consistent planning and public transparency, is critical for the success of Omaha.

We can achieve this by emphasizing sensible spending, encouraging innovation, and cutting needless luxuries.

  • Analyze all government programs to ensure they represent the most efficient use of scarce budgetary resources.
  • Boldly pursue opportunities for growth, including state and federal grants, business relocation and employee recruitment, and refinancing debt.
  • Promote entrepreneurship, economic development, and progressive programs that generate revenue for the city.

Overcoming Crises


Omaha is facing unprecedented crises and elected officials must be prepared to work harder than ever to find solutions that serve all of Omaha.

Confronting issues related to our budget, public health, and safety requires values-based leadership and a willingness to put people before politics.

  • Base decisions in human rights, equity, and midwestern values, without exception.
  • Include local experts in policy making and provide clear leadership on necessary changes, like the implementation of a mask mandate.
  • Create new processes that provide power to all stakeholders and prioritize consensus building.
  • Address difficult issues directly and plainly, accepting full responsibility for tough decisions facing our city in the years to come.

Improving Transportation & Infrastructure


Transportation is the driving force of a city, and Omahans have the right to get to where they need to be in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Repair potholes and pave damaged streets to build longer lasting infrastructure.
  • Improve maintenance and connectivity of existing bikeway, trail, and sidewalk paths to create greater citywide access.
  • Reinstate the Bike/Ped Coordinator position and craft a long-term vision for cyclists in our city.
  • Improve the public busing system until, as your mayor, I can take public buses to work with you.

Sustaining Our Future


Confronting climate change presents an opportunity for our community to grow by supporting sustainability efforts in government and business alike.

Omaha’s City Hall can provide leadership for all of Nebraska and a brighter future for our children.

  • Review waste management’s impact on our community and environment, and establish reliable recycling service for all reclaimable products, including glass.
  • Partner with OPPD to develop renewable energy sources and utilize federal grants for eco-friendly improvements.
  • Establish charging stations for the use of electric vehicles throughout our city.
  • Promote innovation among new and existing businesses to lower Omaha’s carbon footprint.

Caring for Our Children


The foundation of Omaha’s future is our city’s children and the educators who prepare them to lead, innovate, and build tomorrow.

  • Form an advisory council to give teachers power in city government, partnering to educate and serve all of our children—promoting equity for our children and encouraging them to remain in the Omaha community after graduation.
  • Promote the Omaha Public Library as an essential service and seek opportunities to expand their services.
  • Prioritize the health and growth of all colleges and higher learning institutions in Omaha to retain and attract young talent.
  • Develop programs to foster greater student leadership in City Hall, including an empowered working student advisory board and internships.
  • Support and protect our students by destigmatizing mental illness and ensuring access to services for mental health and well-being.

Tax Breaks for Eco-Friendly Businesses


We must stimulate the eco-friendly businesses in Omaha not only through direct financial support but also by reducing the tax burden. A healthy environment is the main step we must take to guarantee a secure future for our children. By creating new jobs without affecting our environment, we will make a huge contribution to our residents’ well-being.

Entrepreneurial Training Programs


In partnership with commercial companies in our region, we want to create an intensive training program for existing and beginning entrepreneurs of all ages. We want to help people starting their new business to succeed, learn the basics of business planning, or expand their existing business to the next level. By making our program dynamic and engaging, we also want to help young people improve their financial literacy and get involved in the economic development of Omaha.

Fair Financing Without Intermediaries


We want to provide fair and affordable financial services for all our adult residents. People in Omaha should have access to affordable solutions to their financial problems without additional fees and high interest rates. Together with financial companies, we create services that offer payday loans from direct lenders. Our main priorities are availability and equality. Payday loans are available to people with any type of credit. Together we can help the residents in need get back on their feet and avoid accumulating debt.